Hello and welcome to my Trade Advisor Pro and  review site. Please Note: That this site is all about my personal research and review of trade advisor pro plus information relating to this Fx Trading software.

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Get Free Trades Sent To
Your Email

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  • Question: Can You Gain Access to a Trade Advisor Pro download for free?
  • Answer: After researching countless forex websites, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no reliable free downloads for this FX Trading software, but you can get a free webinar.
  • Solution: After reading through my full review, simply click on the link above to head directly to the Official Trade Advisor Pro Download Site. That link will take you to the best forex software that I could find.

If you want to know more about Jose’s Software then read on:


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Trade Advisor Pro is a new approach to trading for day traders and swing traders brought to you by Jose Taylor.  The Trade Advisor Pro software will help you scalp the markets and setup the right trade for you. You need help with your trades so let the software help you find the right markets.

Trade Advisor Pro does provide a free webinar. You can see the software in action.


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Well I wanted to find a software program that could help me in trading. I came across
Trade Advisor Pro and it has a huge following and a lot of good comments. You can sign
up for free and get actual trades sent to your email address. There is a free webinar
to help you learn how to use the software. Trade Advisor Pro has a track record of
over two years.



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Josh Taylor has a software he uses to scalp the forex market. Volume, news announcements and Market volatility are all
included in the software to find the right market to trade. Forex trading can be made a lot easier with help from
the right software.


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Forex Trading is not easy . You can become a good at forex trading through hard work and dedication. The reality is that it is hard work and should be treated with the same amount of seriousness as you would any trading. I would buy a couple of books from the top forex traders.

You need to find someone with a proven track record to follow. You can get free trades sent to your email by going to Trade Advisor Pro

If you are going to do it alone, I would only do paper trading for the first six months. You need to find some indicators that you feel put the percentage of winning trades in your favor. You need to know your buy and sell points before you enter the trade.